The 12 Important Details Available on Your Iqama Card

March 20, 2024

An iqama card is a crucial document for expatriates in Saudi Arabia, serving as a resident identification card. Issued by the Ministry of Interior through Jawazat, the iqama card encapsulates vital information about the holder. Here are the 12 important details available on your iqama card:

  1. Full Name in English: Displayed at the top, it’s the primary identifier.
  2. Full Name in Arabic: Located just below the English name, affirming the cardholder’s identity in the local language.
  3. Iqama Number in Arabic: This number is essential for various administrative processes and is accessible even if you do not know Arabic.
  4. Iqama ID Version: This number indicates how many times your iqama has been issued, a simple digit that increases upon each renewal.
  5. Place of Issue: Indicates where the iqama was issued, typically electronically.
  6. Date of Issue: Stated in the Hijri calendar, marking when the iqama was issued.
  7. Date of Birth: Your birthdate is noted in the Gregorian calendar, a cross-reference for age and identity verification.
  8. Profession: This entry states your job or visa profession, which can impact your legal status and employment opportunities.
  9. Nationality: Noted as per your passport, confirming your country of origin.
  10. Religion: Usually, Islam is noted here, but other religions also acknowledged.
  11. Name of the Employer or Company: Identifies who you are working for in Saudi Arabia.
  12. Iqama Number in English: Like the Arabic version, this number is crucial for all bureaucratic procedures.

An iqama card is an essential document for non-Saudi residents, encapsulating these key details, and it’s imperative to keep it accurate and up-to-date for ensuring compliance with local regulations.

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