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Foreign Investers

As a foreign investor looking to carry on commercial or trading activities in mainland UAE, you are entitled to 100% foreign ownership for most activities.

But certain economic activities still require a 51% shareholding by an Emirati national or company. This can be a concern to foreign organisations or entrepreneurs who wish to retain full control over their investment.

We provide peace of mind to foreign investors and entrepreneurs by delivering secure nominee partnership services through a group of UAE-registered companies (CBD Group Companies).

By engaging a CBD Group Company as your local partner, you will be assured of:

  • 100% net profits
  • 100% management control
  • 100% business continuity
  • 100% clear exit strategy; and
  • 100% ownership of valuable assets, including intellectual property rights.

To ensure that we can facilitate clients operating in all Emirates, our CBD Group Companies are incorporated across the UAE. Our Abu Dhabi Group Company has been certified by the Supreme Petroleum Council to facilitate clients operating in the oil and gas sector. We are also able to establish bespoke holding companies for exclusive use by a client, which is particularly useful if you own several businesses across the UAE, or wish to develop an existing business through acquisition.

Our CBD Group Companies are managed in accordance with international best practices, including anti-corruption and anti-bribery sanctions.

Identifying the right Emirati partners for our Group Companies is a serious business for us. It is vital to us that, prior to their selection, we develop solid relationships and that they understand the commercial realities of doing business in the region. As corporate governance is an important part of our business, they are fully background-checked as part of our due diligence process.

Our strict corporate governance procedures, regional expertise and proven track record make us the perfect partner for your UAE company formation. Contact us at enquiries@cbdcorporateservices.com or call us on +971 (0) 45510677

Corporate Nominee Partner

According to the commercial companies’ law, foreign investors have two options to establish a business in the UAE; (i) 100% foreign owned in free zone are or through a government exemption or (ii) engage a local national service agent (Agent) as a partner in your company. The Agent acts only...

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nominee gm director uae qatar oman

Local National Service

Are you a foreign company looking to provide consultancy or service-related activities in mainland UAE? If so, we can assist you to establish a foreign branch (Branch) and identify the right licensed activities for you to operate compliantly. In order to establish a Branch, the foreign company must appoint an...

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nominee gm director uae qatar oman

Nominee General Manager/Director

A nominee director is an individual nominated by an institution, including banks and financial institutions, on the board of companies where such institutions have some ‘interest’. The ‘interest’ can either be in form of financial assistance such as loans or investment into shares. Such strategic investment may have a direct...

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