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A wide range of PRO services in Saudi Arabia.

We offer a wide range of PRO services in Saudi Arabia, from visas, licenses and corporate bank account setups to tax and payroll support. CBD Corporate Services can assist you with all aspects of company formation in Saudi Arabia.

Those wanting to live and work in Saudi Arabia can do so after obtaining an IQAMA residency permit. This permit is essential for setting up company bank accounts, obtaining a driving license and using some government services. Our experts can assist you with filing documents for your Saudi Arabia visa.

Our experts are familiar with all aspects of company formation. We can provide PRO services in Saudi Arabia for LLCs, branch offices, joint stock companies and partnership companies.

PRO services in Saudi Arabia.

What PRO services are available in Saudi Arabia?

  • All types of GCC visa applications, renewals & cancellations
  • Labour and Immigration
  • Licencing
  • Legal translation
  • Secondary Registration Services, including QIWA, Mudad, Muqeem, etc
  • Escrow Administration Services
  • Bank Account Opening Assistance
  • Company and Branch...

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Saudi company formation business setup

Why choose CBD for your PRO services in Saudi Arabia?

Taking the pressure off you

Life as a business owner is busy, and we want to help take the pressure off you. By working alongside CBD, you can say goodbye to worrying about payroll, annual filings and much more. Our experts will take care of all of your business requirements.

Efficient processes

Our experts will consider your business structure plans and assess what needs to be completed for a successful company set-up. We’ll save you time and money by ensuring that all necessary documentation is completed accurately and on time.

Our friendly approach

Our PRO service providers are friendly and transparent and will support you with anything you need. As a result, you can rest assured that you and your business are in safe hands, whether you’re starting a new company or relocating an existing business.

We also offer:

PRO services in Saudi Arabia.

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