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PRO Services in Dubai, UAE

For the successful set-up of a company in the UAE, you will need to consider PRO services. Many of the UAE PRO services we can assist you with are legal requirements and therefore must be completed effectively.

Our wide range of services include company formation in the UAE, notarizing documents, attestation, Dubai visas, licensing and more.

As a UAE PRO service provider, we support clients with all legal documentation associated with setting up a company in Dubai. Not only do we support company directors, but we also provide assistance for employees with regard to visas and immigration services.

Regardless of the company structure you choose to use, our PRO service experts can support you with all applications and document clearing. Our experts are equipped with the knowledge to assist with new company setups and existing company expansions. So, whether you’re brand new to company formation or you’ve done it before, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands with CBD Corporate Services.

PRO Services in Dubai, UAE

Our company experts can assist you with the following PRO services in Dubai:

  • All types of GCC visa applications, renewals and cancellations
  • Labour and Immigration Account/Card
  • Licencing
  • Legal translation
  • Golden Visa
  • Escrow Administration Services
  • Bank Account Opening Assistance
  • Company and Branch...

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Why Your Company Needs Pro Services

Outsourcing PRO services to a trusted corporate services provider can offer numerous benefits when compared to hiring someone in-house. The main benefit is gaining access to a specialised team with expertise in handling various administrative tasks, government liaisons, and legal documentation.

A corporate services provider operates on a flexible fee structure, allowing businesses to pay only for the services they need, thus removing the need for an in-house hire and saving on salaries, benefits, office space, and additional overhead costs.

CBD Corporate Services has introduced exclusive packages tailored to cater to diverse PRO requirements so you can choose the most optimised solution for your business.

Why use CBD Corporate Services for your PRO services in Dubai?

Support for all business structures

CBD Corporate Services has a fantastic reputation when it comes to company formation across the GCC. Over the years, we have supported several international and regional businesses across a range of industries with all PRO services in Dubai.

Utilise our knowledge & expertise

Working alongside our experts means that you can be sure that all documentation has been completed accurately. In addition, appropriately preparing legal documentation allows for a faster turnaround for your business.

There’s a lot to think about when establishing a company in a new location, and there are different regulations to follow based on your chosen location and structure. We can help you to ensure that everything is covered so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Transparent communication

Working with us won’t just save you time and money, but it also means you can rely on our honest approach to business formation in the UAE. Our vast experience means that we can provide you with honest and well-considered answers to all business queries.

We also offer:


Yes, our experts can support you with all company formation in the UAE. We’ll ensure you have the correct visa and assist you with the steps to get your company set up successfully. We’ll help you to save time and money so that you can focus on running your business.

Some company formations in Dubai require a UAE national to own shares in the company. A local sponsor holds shares in the company but has no power in decision-making. The sponsor will act as a representative for your company and may carry out other duties.

CBD Corporate Services can act as a company’s local sponsor if your industry requires it. We offer a wide range of services and can represent your company in a professional manner.

We provide our wide range of company formation and PRO services to all industries operating in Dubai. If you’re unsure which services would benefit your business, get in touch with us. Our experts will chat with you and create a bespoke plan for your needs.

You can call us on: +971(0)4551 0677 or email us at: uae@cbdcorporateservices.com. Alternatively, you can use the contact form on our website, and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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