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Qatar is currently one of the wealthiest countries. Therefore, company formation in Qatar is an attractive prospect to many business owners, especially after its success with hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022

Most businesses that operate in Qatar onshore do so under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry (MOCI). Depending on your business type, you will be required to obtain suitable licences and provide the necessary documentation.

What will you need for Qatar company formation?

  • A founding partner (must be a Qatar national)
  • Registration with the Ministry of Commerce & Industry
  • No minimum share capital requirement
  • Minimum of two shareholders, 51% must be owned by a Qatari national for mainland. 100% foreign ownership is also available on a conditional basis.

What are the options for company formation in Qatar?

Identifying the right business option for you can be tricky, but CBD Corporate Services can support you with the whole process. 

  • Partnership companies: General, Limited, Joint
  • Free Zone
  • Public Shareholding 
  • Holding Company 
  • Joint Venture 
  • Limited Liability Partnership 
  • Branch Office
  • Representative Trade Office

There are various regulations for each Qatar business type that you choose. These can include shares, licences and other company activities in Qatar. 

Zones to Set Up Your Business In Qatar

Qatar Financial Centre (QFC)

The QFC is a special economic zone that provides a regulated and competitive environment for financial services companies to operate in. QFC companies have access to a wide range of financial services, including banking, insurance, asset management, and Islamic finance.

Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP)

The QSTP is a technology-focused free zone that provides a supportive environment for companies working in areas such as technology, innovation, and research and development. Companies based in the QSTP have access to a range of facilities and resources, including research and development centers, technology incubators, and venture capital support.

Qatar Free Zone (QFZ) companies 

There are currently two Qatar Free Zones, Ras Bufontas Free Zone and Umm AlHoul Free Zone. The most suitable Qatar Free Zone business set up for you will depend on the type of industry that your business operates in. 

Ras Bufontas Qatar Free Zone is concerned with logistics, technology, light manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. The Umm AlHoul Free Zone covers maritime industries, heavy manufacturing, technologies and logistics.

Qatar Free Zone company formation cost 

The complete cost of a Qatar Free Zone company formation will depend on a range of factors. The initial Qatar government fees for a limited liability company to operate in a Free Zone is approximately QAR 11,000.

What are the benefits of Qatar company formation? 

  • Fantastic business opportunities 
  • Access to a wealthy market
  • Potential for full foreign ownership of shares, no corporation tax or income tax
  • Pay no income tax on wages in Qatar
  • Corporate tax rate of 10% for onshore, tax-free for free zone establishments
  • Business profits can be transferred to the home country of the foreign owner 

To set up your company in Qatar, you will be required to provide various documents. Presenting the relevant documents will enable you to obtain the correct licence for your business type. 

Our CBD company formation experts can support you with every step of the process so that you can focus on your business. We will assess your business type and plans and suggest the most appropriate business licence for you. We can also support you with Qatar visas.

Qatar company formation can be an extensive process, but our experts can provide you with estimated time scales depending on your requirements. Does Qatar sound like the right location for your business? Get in touch with us today for company formation Qatar.

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