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Seven Emirates

The UAE comprises seven emirates, all of which have their own regulations for setting up a new company. These regulations are distinct from those in Europe or other non-GCC countries. It’s vital that you seek expert advice before beginning the process of company formation in the UAE.

Type of Business

The type of business setup you must follow depends on the industry your business fits into and how you plan to operate. Some business owners choose to set up a Limited Liability Company on the mainland. Others may choose to set up a branch office of an existing company. Each company structure has different regulations to follow.

Alternatively, you can operate from within a UAE free zone. These include benefits such as 100% foreign ownership and various tax exemptions. The Abu Dhabi Global Market financial free zone and the Dubai International Finance Centre offer many opportunities for businesses. These include industries such as technology, transportation and business services.

Whichever business structure you plan to use, you should seek professional advice. At CBD Corporate Services, our experts can support you with the process of a company set-up in Dubai. We also support business directors looking for advice on restructuring in the UAE.

There are various options for the Dubai visa. The correct visa depends on your reason for entering. Some business owners choose to use the golden or green visa due to their additional benefits, such as increased discounts in some stores. We can support you with all aspects of the visa application.

Benefits of starting a company in Dubai

Ease of set up

Company setup in Dubai is straightforward, especially with the help of our expert corporate business consultants. We support entrepreneurs in setting up new companies and existing companies in Dubai, so you can focus on running your business. Our wide range of PRO services in Dubai makes setting up your Dubai business simple and stress-free.

Minimal tax

Companies set up in Dubai pay little or no tax on their earnings. However, depending on your business’s sector, you may be required to pay 5% VAT on earnings and 9% corporate tax if your business is set up in the mainland. We can assess your company structure and identify any tax regulations you must adhere to.

Multiple Free Zone set-up opportunities

Dubai has numerous free zones suitable for a range of businesses. Free zone setups allow you to have 100% foreign ownership over your company as well as various tax benefits. Each free zone has its own licensing authority and is suitable for different business sectors.

Appealing location

Dubai’s fantastic location provides it with excellent links across many industries. In addition, its location makes importing and exporting simple across the country. Dubai is also a popular tourist location, opening the door to other business opportunities.

Government support

The Dubai Government is increasing the support they provide for business owners within the area. Each business structure has clear guidelines to follow to comply with laws and regulations in the area, which makes running a business in Dubai more straightforward.

Great business structures

There are so many great business locations for those thinking about setting up a company in Dubai. For example, you could choose to operate within a free zone, a financial zone, the ADGM or DIFC. Additionally, you can select the business structure that you use, such as an LLC, branch office, representative office or professional service company. We can help you to identify the most appropriate company structure for your business plans.

International Market Access

Having access to International markets means that you’re in a fantastic position to gain new clients after setting up your company in Dubai. The UAE is well known for its ease when it comes to company formation, and there are so many opportunities for growth.


The requirements for company formation in Dubai vary based on the business structure that you choose to use. There are many business structures to consider, each with its own benefits.

  • Free Zone set up
  • Financial Zone set up
  • ADGM – Abu Dhabi Global Market
  • DIFC – Dubai International Financial Centre
  • LLC – Limited Liability Company
  • Branch Office
  • Representative Office
  • Professional Services/Civil Company

Generally, you will be required to provide evidence of identification, company information (structure, location and trade license), company bank account details and more. If you’re not sure about the specific requirements for your company structure, get in touch with our experts, we’re more than happy to assist you.

Although the UAE provides 100% foreign ownership for most activities, a few still require the need for a corporate nominee or local sponsor in the UAE. Our local sponsorship services allow business owners to set up a company with a local service agent. These sponsorship agents have no civil liability or legal interest in the company and are simply there as a representative of the company. The business owner maintains 100% control.

  • GCC Market Entry
  • Company formation
  • Nominee Services
  • Corporate Structuring
  • Visa Services
  • PRO Services Dubai

Yes – we can support you through the whole process of company formation in Dubai. Our Dubai visa services cover various visa types such as residency visas, visit visas, golden, mission, employment and more.

The cost starts from as little as AED 1,500 and varies based on the type of visa. Get in touch with us for a bespoke quote for your requirements.

How we can help

There are many things to consider regarding company formation in the UAE. Our corporate specialists can support you with:

  • Visa services in the UAE
  • PRO Services Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across the UAE
  • Payroll in the UAE
  • Support with holding companies in the UAE

Our outstanding reputation allows us to work closely with financial institutions and government officials within the UAE. We can support you through the process of obtaining the correct licenses, business incorporation and restructuring. Get in touch with us today for an efficient experience of all company formation services.

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