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    Built for trade. A Gateway to International Trade and Growth.

    As an economic gateway to international trade in the Middle East, the UAE is seen as a prime location for multinationals to position their regional headquarters, and for entrepreneurs to establish and grow their businesses.

    Corporate Services: UAE

    The business registration process in the UAE is distinct from that in Europe or other non-GCC countries. The procedures and requirements for establishing a company often involve liaising with a number of institutions and bodies, both local and federal depending on the nature of the company venture and the legal structure. Specialist advice should always be obtained on the right route to market for your business.

    CBD has accumulated over 50 years of expert expansion experience in key sectors with particular expertise in finance, healthcare, hospitality, technology, insurance and trading as well as oil and gas. CBD has a strong track record in company formation, structuring and restructuring in the UAE. This means we are well-positioned to advise clients on set-up requirements in the UAE and complete end-to-end service in our core sectors.

    Dubai Visa applications 

    To work in Dubai, you must obtain the relevant Visa. Some business owners choose to apply for the Dubai Golden Visa. 

    What is the Dubai Golden Visa?

    The Golden Visa in Dubai allows you to live or work in the UAE. Additionally, this Dubai Visa provides you with benefits such as being able to stay outside of the UAE for longer periods of time than a standard Dubai Visa. It also means that you do not require a sponsor. 

    Dubai Golden Visa requirements vary based on the nature of your business. 

    At CBD, we can provide assistance with everything you need for a successful company formation in the UAE

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