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Set Your Sights On New Market Entry in Qatar.

Qatar is one of the wealthiest countries in the Middle East, making company formation in Qatar an attractive prospect to business owners. Before choosing to start a business, you must understand the processes and various intricacies.

Qatar has a growing economy and lower tax rates for some businesses. Your business setup in Qatar could be an LLC, Shareholding company, LLP and more. Those wanting to set up within the mainland of Qatar will need 51% of the shares to be held by a Qatari national. CBD can act as a nominee for the company, giving foreign investors 100% beneficial ownership of the company. Our corporate specialists can create the necessary contractual agreements to achieve this outcome.

Some business owners choose to operate within a Qatar free zone. Qatar has three main free zones: the QFC, QSTP and QFZ. Free zones allow foreign investors the opportunity to establish an entity with 100% legal ownership.

At CBD Corporate Services, we can assist you with all aspects of pro services in Qatar. These can include the following:

  • Company incorporation support
  • Business licencing
  • Support with bank account setup
  • Document clearing
  • Document attestation
  • Compliance frameworks
  • Legal translation
  • Secretarial services
  • Trusted nominee shareholder

We’re here to support you through every aspect of company formation in Qatar. You will also need to consider your Qatar visa application when entering the country. Qatar offers a variety of visas depending on your reason for entering the country. These can include business visas, investment visas and residency permits. Our expert team will assess your circumstances to identify the most suitable visa for your requirements.

Over the years, we have developed a highly credible reputation with financial institutions, government officials and other intermediaries. This allows us to develop business opportunities, speed up approval processes and progress your business operations.

Get in touch with our specialists for all pro services in Qatar. Our team are always happy to offer business advice. We work hard to ensure that the process is efficient so that you can continue working on your business. Email qatar@cbdcorporateservices.com for a complimentary business consultation.

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Benefits of Starting A Business In Qatar

Great business opportunities

Many business owners believe that business formation in Qatar is a great idea. One reason for this is due to the many business opportunities available. In Qatar, you can choose to form a range of partnership businesses, free zone setups and other options too. Each business structure has its own regulations and benefits.

If you’re not sure which business structure is the most appropriate for you, we can assess your business plans and advise you on the best options. Our company formation experts will ensure that the process is stress-free so that you can continue focusing on the everyday running of your business.

Access to a wealthy market

Qatar’s wealthy economy is appealing to many business owners, both experienced and new entrepreneurs. One reason for Qatar’s wealthy market is due to oil and gas production and sales. Modernisation of the oil industry has allowed Qatar to continue growing and supporting other countries. Qatar ranks highly in terms of wealth among the rest of the world.

Appealing tax potentials

Individuals working in Qatar can benefit from paying no income tax on wages – this is highly appealing to many business owners. However, some individuals may be expected to pay some other taxes within Qatar.

We can help you to identify any tax requirements you will need to meet based on your chosen business structure.

Low corporation tax rates

Many tax implications in Qatar depend on the structure you choose to use for your company formation in Qatar, and some will be more appropriate than others. There is a corporation tax rate of 10% for onshore, tax-free and free-zone establishments.

These low tax rates are appealing to many entrepreneurs who are considering a company set up in Qatar. Our experts can outline your expected tax requirements.

Business profit transfers

Business profits earned through your Qatar company can be transferred to the home country of the foreign owner. This must be completed properly, and our experts can provide you with advice to ensure that you are following regulations.

FAQ section

The specific requirements of your company formation in Qatar will depend on your chosen business structure. There are various options with many benefits, and these include the following:

  • Partnership companies: General, Limited, Joint
  • Free Zone (QFC, QSTP or QFZ)
  • Public Shareholding
  • Holding Company
  • Joint Venture
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Branch Office
  • Representative Trade Office

For most company setups in Qatar, you will need the following:

  • A founding partner – must be a Qatari national
  • Be registered with the Ministry of Commerce & Industry
  • A minimum of two shareholders (Qatari national must own at least 51% of the company or 100% foreign ownership may be available in some cases).

We can support you throughout the whole process of company formation in Qatar. Our hassle-free service means that you can remain focused on your business.

Yes, we can support you with corporate shareholder services in Qatar. This means we can act as an agent for you, representing your company when required. A corporate shareholder has no obligations or legal interest in the company. As the business owner, you will maintain 100% ownership and responsibility of the company.

  • Nominee Shareholder Services
  • Company Formation
  • Licencing
  • Visa Services
  • Pro Services Qatar

We can support directors and employees with all visa processing in Qatar. There are various visa types to choose from depending on your reason for entering the country. These can include business visas, investor visas and residency permits for those planning to live and work in Qatar.

The cost varies depending on the services required. After a consultation, the team will create a bespoke suite of services tailored to your needs, and such is applicable to the cost as well. Get in contact with us for more information.

We’re here to support you through every aspect of company formation in Qatar.