Visas: UAE & Dubai

To operate your business within the UAE, you will need to apply for the appropriate visa type. Our experts at CBD can advise you on the most appropriate visa. We can also assist you with your visa application so that you can continue focusing on other aspects of your residency or visiting plans.

The process of applying for a Dubai visa can be completed online, where you can easily track the progress of your application. Before applying, you’ll be required to estimate how long you will need the visa to be applicable. 

Residence visas Dubai 

There are a variety of residence visas to apply for depending on what you plan to do in Dubai. For example, you can apply for a residence Dubai visa for working or doing business in the UAE or outside the UAE, retiring, studying and more. 

The length of time your visa is active depends on the type that you select. For example, a sponsored visa may be active for between 1 and 3 years, whereas an unsponsored visa can last for 5 or 10 years. To successfully obtain a residence visa, you must pass a medical examination and security checks. 

A residence visa gives you access to many benefits, such as working in the UAE, opening a bank account, applying for a driving licence and more. 

Visit Visas Dubai 

A Visit Dubai visa is typically used for a short amount of time. These can be used for visiting others, tourism, training, and briefly assessing business opportunities. You will be required to apply for a specific visa based on the reason for your visit. For some, this may be for Dubai company formation.

Since September 2022, there have been ten different types of visit visas available. Some changes include increasing the visit period to 60 days for those visiting to assess work opportunities. 

You must provide all necessary documentation when applying for your preferred Dubai visa. In some instances, you may be required to present evidence of your financial solvency before applying. The job exploration visa requires you to have completed a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent. 

Golden Visa Dubai 

What is a Dubai Golden visa? 

A Dubai Golden visa allows for long-term residency within the UAE. Additionally, those with this visa can work, study and continue to live within the UAE with a range of other benefits. 

The visa can be active for up to 5 or 10 years and does not require a sponsor. The Golden visa provides more freedom when leaving the UAE and means you do not have to return within the usual six-month period. 

Those who attain a Golden visa are able to have 100% ownership of their business in the UAE mainland. A golden visa enables you to apply for visas for dependents. 

A Dubai Golden visa entitles you to a variety of benefits in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. You will have access to significant concessions for a range of industries. In Dubai, you may be entitled to take a UAE driving test with no requirement for additional lessons. 

Dubai Golden visa requirements 

The Dubai Golden visa requirements vary based on the type of work you plan to partake in. Some occupations are eligible for a 5-year Golden visa, while others can benefit from 10 years. 

The visa also extends to families of the permit holder and automatically renews, providing that you continue to meet the visa requirements.

We can use our feasibility assessment to advise you on the most appropriate visa type for you and your plans. Following this, we can support you with the application process.

Dubai Green Visa 

A Green visa lasts for up to 5 years. This visa allows you to both live and work in the UAE. Similarly to the Golden visa, a sponsor is not required for this visa application. 

Freelancers, self-employed workers, employees and business partners are all eligible to apply for the green visa. Various criteria must be met by those applying for the green visa, depending on your employment status. You may be required to present evidence of employment contracts, education certificates and income. 

Our CBD visa specialists can assist you with selecting the most appropriate visa type and the application process. The team work hard to ensure that documentation is available for an efficient visa process. Get in touch with us for extensive support with your Dubai visa application and other UAE PRO servicesWe can also support you with Qatar visa applications.

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