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Positioned as a trade hub supporting significant global business activity, the Middle East is a lucrative market for businesses looking to enter or expand into the region.

With our regional presence and expertise in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar & Oman, we can assist your business in gaining access the diverse markets of the region with an extensive plan, which comprises of a feasibility study followed by a business plan.

Business Plan

A detailed business plan laying out the objectives, future projections and operational plan is imperative. It should also include a competitor analysis, proposed products or services & a marketing plan.

Feasibility Study

To make your mark in the Middle East, it is important to understand the economic and cultural landscape of the region, which in turn dictate demand for a product or service. Therefore, the market study is a crucial step in your market entry strategy.

Business Setup Advisory

For foreign investors, there has never been a more prominent time to establish a business in the UAE. However, launching a new business in the UAE requires careful consideration of certain factors, such as business activities, the proper jurisdiction to carry out such activities and applicable laws and regulations, as well as continuous planning and execution. Accordingly, foreign investors should seek experts in business set up who can conduct deep investigation and explanation which will replicate the ultimate business goals.

Benefits of Business Advisory

  • Risk Management
  • Understanding Business Culture & Behavior
  • Developing Strategies
  • Business Growth
  • Business Client Development
  • Increase in Business Efficiency
  • Business Networking
  • Business Plan
  • Compliance

Business Advisory Services

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Finance
  • Formation
  • Licensing
  • Company restructuring
  • labour and immigration (visas)
  • business support services
  • Tax & VAT

According to the World Bank’s doing business in 2020, the UAE has been ranked in the top 20 of the easiest countries to do business in the ‎world. We can relate this achievement to the major legal reforms that have been implemented in the past few years as well as other factors including, without limitation to, the financial institutions, trade policies, and the safety of doing business in a ‎friendly economy that is focused on growth.

A proper business set-up ensures smooth running business as every decision made in the business cycle has an equivalent effect on all the other spheres. So, it is crucial to make the right decision by seeking a professional to conduct a preliminary assessment prior to your business set-up as this approach will avoid errors and will give a deeper insight into your business processes.

At CBD Corporate Services, our team specialises in assisting foreign companies and investors to setup or restructure an entity in the UAE. The Senior leadership team at CBD has over 50 years of legal and commercial expertise in the Middle East, specializing in market entry, corporate (re)structuring, licencing and visa services. CBD provides a suite of corporate services across a broad-spectrum including market entry advisory, company formation, labour and immigration (visas) and business support services.

Another essential step you need to take is to have a firm grasp of the UAE laws and regulations. To enter the UAE market, you must know the laws applicable to foreign entities, tax norms, HR ethics, and regulations.

Right Business Structure

Setting up an entity in the UAE can allow you to directly connect with the market and assess the audiences’ preferences. However, entry to any global market and setting up your presence is not an easy task. Opting for the easiest or cheapest option depends on your business conditions, and consulting local experts can help you make the right choice.

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