What is Mudad & QIWA in Saudi Arabia?

July 6, 2023

What is Mudad?

Mudad is a digital payroll and compliance system launched by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia which monitors payroll violations by the employer and allows employees to respond to the justifications submitted by the employer or company.

It was launched to create a cloud solution that can be easily utilized by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to process their payrolls and comply with the Kingdom’s Wage Protection System(WPS).

The main aim of Mudad is to create a one-stop shop for SMEs whereby they can access a platform that has all the needed integrations such as financial institutions, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, the General Organization for Social Insurance so they are capable of managing payroll efficiently, effectively and affordably.

What is Qiwa?

The Saudi Arabian government created the Qiwa contract system as a digital tool to simplify the formation and management of contracts, endorsed by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. The system is a part of the country’s larger efforts to digitize its business.

Qiwa platform aims to combine efforts and consolidate workforce services under one platform and develop governmental services provided to the private sector electronically, with services such as:

•         eAdvisor

•         Work Indicators

•         Issuing Standard or Customized Labor Policies

•         Interactive Saudization Plan

•         Interactive Dashboard for establishment information

•         Establishment Monthly Report

Instant Visas:

•         Issuing Instant professional and temporary visas (without endorsement) for existing establishments and newly established establishments

•         Issuing Instant Female Visas

•         Issuing Temporary Work Visit Visas

•         Issuing Visas for Specialized Professions without endorsement

Manage Employees and Improve Contractual Relationship:

•         Transfer of employees and dependents services

•         Immediate change of profession without the need to visit the labor office

•         Ajeer: enable the secondment of the resident employees temporarily

•         Manage employment contracts

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Authored by Sartaj Ahmad Mir, Operations & HR Coordinator – KSA

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