Special Purpose Vehicles at the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM)

SPVs are corporate vehicles private companies established for a variety of purposes, including to isolate financial and legal risk by ring-fencing assets and liabilities. SPVs can be established as subsidiaries, projector joint venture vehicles to ensure that only those assets linked to a related transaction are exposed to the liabilities associated with that transaction. Types of assets under an SPV include but are not limited to equity, private company debt, real estate, alternative assets, and other high-risk ventures or investments.

Key feature:

The key feature of an SPV is its separate legal personality, therefore claims by the SPV’s creditors cannot be attached to the assets of the SPV’s shareholders or any related companies.

Benefits of SPVs:

  • Migration or continuance of existing corporate entities
  • Common law jurisdiction (English Law)
  • Independent ADGM Courts
  • Independent regulatory framework and governance procedures
  • Access to broad UAE double tax treaty network
  • Variety of legal structures available to set up
  • No attestation required for corporate documents

SPV Types:

Private Company(Limited by Shares) – LTD

  • Standard private limited company
  • Passive holding company

Restricted ScopeCompany – RSC

  • A subsidiary of another body corporate that prepares and publishes group accounts
  • A subsidiary of a company formed by Emiri decree
  • A subsidiary of a Single Family Office

Documents required:

  • Articles of Association
  • Registered office address
  • Resolution of Board of Directors or Shareholders
  • Passport information and signature page for each Authorised Signatory, Director, Shareholder, and Beneficial Owner
  • UAE visa page and passport copy for each Authorised Signatory (for UAE residents)
  • Emirates ID for UAE/GCC national Authorised Signatories
  • Certificate of Incorporation / Registration for each Director and Shareholder that is a body corporate

Fee Structure:

  • ADGM Set Up fees:
  • CBD Fees:
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